Robert Weil Schorle Riesling trocken

Provocatively conventional

Robert Weil – Riesling Trocken 1 Liter

There are a number of wineries that for romantic reasons I would prefer not to like so much. But unfortunately, sometimes I can’t help myself. Domaine Miroirs or Dom Pérignon are such examples. With Robert Weil, the romancer in me rebels less, but it does not stay completely silent either. This is mainly due to the fact that Weil is one of the largest wineries in the Rheingau, parts of the estate belong to the Japanese-American corporation Beam-Suntory and Weil also supplies Lufthansa and large supermarket chains.

Nevertheless, I am an admitted fan of Robert Weil, even if their polished, apricotish, clean approach is not really my preferred style. The Rieslings are excellent and can age very well. Sneaking mature Weil Rieslings into avant-garde blind tasting circles can be a diabolical pleasure. The only danger is that you won’t be invited again.

Like few other wineries, Weil excels in all three categories: dry, noble sweet and spritzer. Drinking the entry-level Riesling as a spritzer should therefore not be seen as an insult but as a special honor. In addition to the entry-level Riesling in the standard 0.75-liter bottle, Weil also produces a second basic wine in a 1-liter bottle. This type of Liter-Riesling used to be normal, but nowadays it is almost only produced by simple wineries without any great claim to quality. The fact that an internationally renowned winery like Weil does this can be seen as a homage to the culture of its home region.
Wilhelm Weil and his team use their own grapes for the Literriesling, mostly from Kiedrich and Eltville parcels, which are less rich in extract but more fruity and accessible. It is remarkable how well the 2020, which was bottled two years ago, can be enjoyed as a spritzer. It is crisp, fresh, youthful and precise. It is often the spritzer that consistently punishes the slightest notes of ripeness, which is why the Großes Gewächs spritzer is seldom a good idea.
But that might be its own topic.

Where to buy: Weingut Robert Weil
Price: 14,90 €

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